eto Co., Ltd.


We, e-to, are a small food company in Miyazaki started by three housewives. Our motto is to develop and sell “new” products everyone thinks are “delicious” using ingredients “friendly” to the body as much as possible. As housewives, we take pride in our products and respect our colleagues, aiming to be a company where employees can work for a long time.


“Seems like a common thing, but it’s actually not so common.”Our concept is to create new products with such surprises.We are constantly working on the development of attractive new products.

Food needs to be delicious.We believe that deliciousness is an absolute requirement for “sweets that make you feel happy”.We put our heart and soul into products everyone can enjoy.

concept2:Healthy for your body
We make our products with sincerity from a housewife’s point of view.Most of our production staff are housewives. We manufacture with care and tenderness, just as if we are making a meal for our family.

concept3:What’s new.
We want to create the “new” something that you would think existing.We can deliver to you sweets unlikely to be found anywhere else, because we are new to the confectionery industry.

Product List


Sweet potatoes produced in southern Kyushu are coated with caramel made from domestic cane sugar. Enjoy the crispy texture of the sweets. It is a gem selected as No.1 out of 107 masterpieces found by ANA’s CAs in Japan.

NET WT.:85g(A lightweight type is also available. (40g))

Soy flour

“caraimo” covered with soy flour. The sweet and gentle aroma of soybeans soothes the soul. It is the perfect healing snack when you need to take a breather or want to return to a peaceful mindset.

NET WT.:85g(A lightweight type is also available. (40g))

Black Sesame

“caraimo” sprinkled with black sesame. The aroma of the bursting black sesame enhances the sweetness of the caramel. It is a “Japanese taste” snack suitable for green tea.

NET WT.:85g(A lightweight type is also available. (40g))

Matcha green tea

“caraimo” covered with matcha green tea and condensed milk powder. The crunchy texture is retained in a matcha latté-style marriage. It is also popular among overseas customers.

NET WT.:80g

Kabosu citrus

“caraimo” sprinkled with kabosu powder, a specialty of Oita Prefecture. The combination of sweet potato and citrus fruits is an unexpected combination, but they go very well together. The sweet and sour cool sensation is a gem with a lasting taste.

NET WT.:80g